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  • Listening to: Meja-How Crazy are you
  • Reading: finished "Twilight"
  • Watching: cartoons
  • Playing: DOA Xtreme 2
  • Eating: cheese crackers
  • Drinking: Juice
I really think I must clean up my gallery. Some of such crap is there, it makes me ashamed. >.>;

But I am lazeh, and the weather is good. And I want to play DOA Xtreme 2. :D

*pouts around*
When you wake up, what are you thinking?

When you outside, what are your thoughts?

Sitting in school, why are you dreaming?

Look at the sky, why does it glow?

Coming back home, why are you smiling?

Laying in bed, why do you cry?

Closing your eyes, what are you seeing?

Please, look at me...

I am all yours.
  • Listening to: The teacher speaking
  • Reading: Witchblade comics
  • Watching: Grey sky
  • Playing: With my luck
  • Eating: Sweets
  • Drinking: Poison